Illuminating quality programming often left in the dark.

Backlight TV (InnovaTV Networks, llc) continues to break new ground in the connected television space.  Not only is Backlight one of the few distribution platforms which can dynamically trigger a commercial break within live events, but the company has also developed and launched one of the most comprehensive and appealing apps available for television viewers. Backlight will be the first to offer a wide and varied array of quality video programming content to the public all from one digital platform for free.  The programming will include:

  • News
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Lifestyle
  • Sports; Live and Classic
  • Medical
  • Business
  • Hispanic
  • Automotive including live Stock car races, dirt tracks, many more
  • Documentaries
  • Original Content

User Experience

The programming will range from classic movies and television shows, live and classic sporting events, news and information to music, and lifestyle programming.  Some of the programming offered will be new and exclusive to Backlight to draw very large viewing audiences.  In total over 100,000 hours of programming will be available to viewers through Backlight by the end of the calendar year.  Each of the programming genres will have their own horizontal within Backlight making it easy for the viewer to locate and then drill down to the specific piece of programming they wish to view.  Each piece of content will also have a short description so the viewer can have an idea of what the programming offers.

Included within Backlight will be the ability to offer premium or age restricted programming under a pay-per-view or subscription model.  This area would also cover some sporting events such as mixed martial arts or boxing.

Not only is Backlight easy to navigate, the app provides viewers with a DVR option as well.

The app requires all viewers to fill out a short demographic form on their initial visit.  This information includes the age, gender and zip code of the viewer.  This data is highly sought after by ad networks and advertising agencies as it allows them to more tightly target their advertising to certain viewers.  With Backlight’s ability to geo-target commercials this effort is made much easier and insures a higher CPM rate for the company.

In sum, Backlight represents the future of video program distribution through new media platforms.  The app is more interactive, easy to navigate and offers a wider array of programming for viewing, including a number of exclusive programs that will debut on the Backlight platform.

Connected TV is the wave of the future.  All companies since the surge of success with Netflix are now moving broadcasting of original content through connected TVs and Mobile Devices.  Companies like Yahoo, Microsoft, and Amazon are all in the process of creating original content for all connected platforms.


1.Distribution Platforms:

  a.Web-stream over Laptops and PCs

  b.Connected TV over Roku, AppleTV, and Chromecast

  c.Mobile Apps for smart phones and tablets (IOS & Droid)

  d.Manufacturers portal through NetRange (Europe and Asia)

2.Number of Homes reached by these platforms:

  a.There will be more than 759 million televisions connected to the Internet worldwide by 2018, more       than doubling from 307.4 million at year-end 2013

  b.1/3 of tablet users in US are watching full length TV programming at least once a week

  c.Video consumption on tablets and Smartphones has been one of the most popular reasons to buy      the devices


Backlight TV (Innova TV Networks, LLC) was formerly known as New Media Television Networks, Inc. and before that Penn Atlantic, Inc.  Penn Atlantic started streaming college athletic events in 2004 and became one of the largest providers or collegiate sporting content in the United States. At its, company delivered over 10,000 college athletic events annually in addition to a number of minor league and scholastic sporting events via broadband.  In 2008 the company provided streaming services to over 225 colleges and universities.

With the changing face of new media the company moved repositioned itself into the delivery of more long form programming content and expanded distribution to mobile devices including smart phones and tablets.  Recently, with the explosion in connected television usage, the Backlight TV has made a push to not only bring a vast array of content to this platform but to aggressively monetize it not unlike what is found on cable television.  What began as a website primarily for college sports event distribution 10 years ago, is growing into a platform of network channels that targets the viewing interests of all audiences domestically and internationally.